“Our Client Is Always Right” - It is AIEN's law.
AIEN has been providing the high quality products to our clients. We make for you not only the best clothes but also want you to have experience in how a garment is made so you can then love and respect your clothes more because clients can join us in the garment designing and finishing processes.
If you are interested in AIEN's design, please contact us without hesitation, the design team will offer the most preferable dress for you. A concept image will be sketched on paper during a first conversation. We will understand your taste for dress. In another way, if you have new ideas or a design from magazine or website, just let AIEN know. We can approach your requirement.
Once you are satisfied with the form and general design of the dress, we will support you choosing the best colors and materials for your dress which will be in harmony with your shape, skin color, and hairstyle.
After that we will take your measurements. We commit to make dresses that are specifically for you. We will explain how to fit a dress for your shape and work with your proportions.
Next, AIEN starts to design the floral pattern that follows your interest and form by which it can unveil your charm. The procedure is carried out based on your measurement, personal hobbies, your sense of fashion together with popular fashion trends. Whether you like simple or complicated, classical or modern patterns, we can always satisfy you.
Once client is satisfied with AIEN's sketch, we'll have meetings with gemstone-design team who can give ideas for stones arrangement, sewing, selecting whether Arnica stone, beads, etc… By this way they will put more ideas on how to make your dress more impressive and create the specialty for your dresses. We commit that your dresses are made with handmade embellishments by which we can meet all the demands for smallest details on the dresses; or any others specific demands from clients.
When it comes to the finishing process, AIEN will invite you for a first trial to double check on any details that need your modifications. We receive your all feedback and we will fulfill all those before the delivery.
The duration to finish a garment from the 1st meeting would be within 15 days. However, if there are quick delivery orders we're still able to meet your requirement at a soonest schedule.

AIEN believes that our team can make you a most suitable and satisfied dress.

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